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Alumni Spotlight


Shivani Gupta, Class of 2008-09


Senior Associate Scientist in Process Development


Shivani completed her industrial internship at Abbott Laboratories: "At Abbott, I worked with Process Science- Cell Culture on a clinical phase project.  Specifically, I worked on developing and optimizing cell culture process for manufacturing. I dealt with amplification of cells in flasks, bio-wave bags, and bioreactors.  We simplified media preparation, developed a robust seed train and production process. I gained experience with cell culture process development, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. In addition, I assisted in technical transfer to manufacturing.

Niket Bubna, Class of 2008-09

KBI BioPharma,

Process Development Scientist I

Niket completed his industrial internship at Lilly:

"I worked in the Cell Culture group in BR&D Department at Lilly. My day-to-day activities involved work on medium optimization to further improve the cell culture productivity. The work involved studying key components in the medium formulation with dose response and using statistical experiment design (DoE) approach to optimize the cell culture process. I helped the group significantly improve product titer and the optimized processes are being evaluated in shake flasks and bioreactors. My work contributed to accelerate the process development and implementation of a new cell culture platform. The opportunity to work at Lilly has gave me insight into the importance of media science and the impact it can have on the business objectives of the company


Aniruddha Rajan, Class of 2008-09

Aniruddha completed his internship at Genentech:
"I was involved with a diverse set of projects at Genentech. My main project involved the evaluation of a new online pH sensor in a high throughput cell culture system. I also did comparability studies of disposable bioreactors versus traditional non-disposable bioreactors. The main advantages of disposables are saving a large amount of time and resources required to clean and maintain bioreactors after different runs, so disposables could potentially be very economical for the company to adopt into some of their processes. I'm was also involved with evaluating different disposable pumps for use in different disposable filtration applications. I'm definitely enjoyed the work and particularly in the group I was in. I was able to collaborate with a number of different departments at Genentech, which gave me a lot of technical experience in different fields as well as a more holistic view of upstream/downstream processes."